Share resources by dividing areas

The campus is divided into two functional areas – the public activity area and the study area. In the study area, Primary school section, Middle-school section and public classrooms are clearly located in different floors for the convenience of management. The public activity area connects different parts into one. Via such designs, resources sharing can be best achieved.

Enhance communication by using colors

Outdoor public activity area is set to enhance communications among students. To respect individual differences, designs vary for different age groups and unique colors for each part enrich the sense of space and visual belongings.

Prioritize learning functions

The library at the center, as the core of the school, serves as a good environment to equip students with knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing world.

Pursue green and health Indoor and outdoor

By introducing gardens and farmlands, we extend the indoor learning to outdoor activities so as to cultivate the green living attitude.
Gardens--- the natural design of new garden enables free explorations and maximizes the natural space on the campus and extends indoor communication.
Farmlands--- crops are strangers to kids growing up in cities, so the organic farms on roofs will bring much fun of leaning farming.

Functions of Different Floors
  • b1

    Functional Teaching Area

  • 1f

    Primary School Area

  • 2f

    Middle School Area

Basement: this floor mainly enjoys auxiliary teaching classrooms. They include: a STEM classroom, a dance room, a table tennis room, an intelligence training room, a music activity room, an art activity room and a multi-functional lecture theatre.
The first floor: this floor is for primary school teaching purpose. It has thirteen classrooms, a music classroom, fifteen violin practice rooms, an art classroom, a handwork classroom, an indoor playground, a great hall and a library.
The second floor: this floor is for middle school teaching purpose. It has fifteen classrooms, a physics laboratory, a chemistry laboratory and a biology laboratory. The canteen, the principal office and teacher’s offices are also on this floor.

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