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Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School is a private school invested and operated independently by Shanghai Vanke Real Estate Co. Ltd. The school offers Grade 1 to 9 bilingual education. Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School will open in September 2016. The school adheres to combining eastern and western education and inspiring the unlimited potential of our students. We aim to cultivate balanced personality, lifelong learning ability and international leadership, to lay a solid foundation for a sound and fruitful life in the future for our students. For the purpose of providing better bilingual education and creating better bilingual atmosphere, the Chinese & English-speaking teachers and administrative staff are now recruited globally.
Homeroom teachers
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Post duties:


1.Teaching in English across the subject areas in the designated grade;
2.Providing the curriculum where inquiry and higher-level thinking skills drives the learning;
3.Effectively managing a class where a welcoming, safe environment is created;<
4.Working effectively within team settings;
5.Contributing to school development;
6.Communicating well with all stakeholders


Post requirements:


1.Bachelor's degree of Arts or Science in Education (Masters or Higher Degree Preferred);
2.Native English speaker with a passport from an English speaking country;
3.Possession of a Teaching Certificate;<
4.Minimum of five years of teaching experience;
5.Strong references;
6.Pass Health Insurance Exam


School Contact : +86 (21) 6221-6956

+86 (21) 6221-0565

School Address: No.3568,Qixin

Road,Minhang District,Shanghai,China


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