Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School is not a new
school !

Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School grew out of the International Bilingual C Program of Fudan Vanke Experimental Private School. At present, there are students from 24 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Mainland China.


Founded in 2006, International Bilingual C Program aims to merge the Chinese education essence with Western education essence. We cultivate students the international perspective and international communication ability in hand while rooting in Chinese culture. The Chinese teaching and English teaching respectively accounts for 50%. Both foreign teachers and Chinese teachers ttake charge of homeroom teachers .


Small class size with 24 students contributes to an intimate and harmonious teacher-student relationship. Every child is respected as an individual learner. They are fully cared and encouraged by the adult staff at school.


Through nine years of practice and exploration, students are equipped with not only good learning habits, but also diversified thinking ability. The Chinese-English language ability of the Grade 6 students has reached the level of twin mother-tongues. In Chinese language ability examination, the students are among the best of Minhang district. The English proficiency assessment of the students is based on the American ITBS. According to the historical test performance, students of every grade are better than American students of the same age in English proficiency. The test scores of Grade 9 students exceed the average scores of the American Grade 10 students.

Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School is a new school !

In previous years, International Bilingual C Program only recruited 20 students for grade one and a few transfer students for other grades. The application students are far above the enrollment, among who are good at both languages.


In order to provide more opportunities for students applying for this accelerated bilingual school, Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School fully introduced the International Bilingual C Program into its new campus. All of the original team of teachers and students  moved into the newly-built Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School on September, 2016. The school will enroll students of Grade 1 and 6, and some students of other grades. The total student number will reach above 350.


Ms Chen Shu, the former Principal of Shanghai Fudan-Vanke Experimental Private School and the founder of International Bilingual C Program, serves as the founder and Head of Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School.


The mission of Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School is to Inspire Unlimited Potential(I UP). Through the rich and challenging bilingual, multicultural and integrated curriculum, we are devoted to cultivating students’well-balanced personality, lifelong learning ability and innovative leadership, thus laying a solid foundation for a sound and fruitful life for all our students.


The establishment of Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School become the first step for Shanghai Vanke Real Estate Co. Ltd. to march into education brand from its remarkable real estate brand. Located in the former Vanke Shanghai Center, Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School is designed by top designers of Vanke Company. The facilities, including lighting, air circulation and sound system referred to the standards in America、Japan and Taiwan , reaching the world's highest level of school building design standards.


Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School upholds the educational philosophy of integrating Chinese education essence to Western education essence. The school adheres the educational aims of inspiring unlimited potential. Based on the former curricula of International Bilingual C Program, the curriculum of Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School will be comprehensively renovated and improved to shape unique curriculum system which not only retains the original high standard of English-Chinese bilingual courses, but also develops new courses for fostering students’ critical thinking and creativity. These courses will include STEAM courses, sports, Arts and courses in other aspects. Moreover extracurricular activities, like rowing, Run for Love, Industry Summer Career Practice Projects with Vanke characteristics, will expand a lot so as to construct a unique bilingual , multicultural and integrated curriculum.


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